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#1 Neodymium [ 1 0 ] : 2017-05-03 18:20:30
Placed an order for BC547 transistors w/free shipping. This usually means no tracking is included (the purchase was under 2USD). Seller contactwd me 4 times, without asking him to, to check on delivery. Much better than most China-based vendors.

As a side comment, here in the USA, most of these shipments get delayed at three points, none of which are under the sellers control. First, the consignment shipper, who must put the package along with many others into the mailstream. Most are quick, a few are very slow. Next, when a package arrives at the US ICS (customs) it takes from 2 days to 2 weeks! for the package to be released. The worst service is from California (average 12 days to clear), the best New York (max 5 dyas). Finally, the USPS (United States Post Office). Of nearly 300 low-cost non-tracked packages, none have gone astray. 

BUT, I have had 2 e-packet deliveries that got gobbled up somewhere along the line. One package make 6 trips from the Chicago ICS to my Local Post Office, before disappearing.
#2 Konstantin [ 2187 132 ] : 2017-05-03 20:53:03
Its nice that you do understand, that seller cannot do anything after item goes in possession of transport company
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